Rosalinde Blake Luxury Candles: Meticulously blended! 
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No. 02 Luxury - Orange Burst

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An uplifting essence with a medium sweet orange aroma


A burst of orange…

They’d spent the day kayaking on the lake. Now they sat by a crackling campfire, snacking on picnic leftovers and watching the fireflies dart in and around the wild rosebushes. He took off his ball cap, tossing his head to rearrange his hair. She reaches up, gently guiding his hair back. He notices the smell of something sweet on her fingertips.

“Mmmm… any more of those delicious oranges in that basket?”


Our Orange Burst Luxury Collection comes in your choice of:

  • Wax Melts to use in an electric warmer (200+ hours of uplifting Fragrance)
  • 4 oz. travel tin
  • 7 oz. travel tin
  • 7 oz. glass tumbler
  • 12 oz. Glass Tumbler
  • 18 oz. 4 Wick Glass Square

Order one or all containers in a preferred scent for a unique gift set they’ll treasure.

Candles in glass come in a designer labeled box for elegant gift giving. All our packaging is reusable and sustainable.

Enjoy the simplicity, elegance and quality of our hand-poured luxury candles. Made from pure essential oils and non-GMO organic soy wax, our luxury scented candles come in reusable and earth-friendly packaging. Biodegradable labels are removed easily with hot water so you can reuse the container anywhere in your home.




Stimulate your creativity and soothe your nerves with Orange. A wonderful stress reducer, orange improves mood and digestion. A medium strength aroma, it is a pleasant aphrodisiac.

Fragrance Family

Fresh Citrus


We donate 10% of profits to the Pomfret Orphanage in South Africa. Contact us at charity@automagicalbliss.com for more information.

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