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Soy's Purity and Natural Characteristics

Soy wax has many natural characteristics that are often mistaken for defects in the candle. It is important to note that without the addition of additives these characteristics are very difficult to prevent. They are also a great indicator that the wax used to make the candle is 100% soy with no additives.  While these properties of soy wax may change the appearance of your candle it is important to know that it will not affect the burning or fragrance throw of your candle. To help prevent these changes from occurring you can store your soy candle in a cool dark location when not in use, but it may happen eventually.

What is Frosting?

Also called blushing this is when the colour in a soy candle slowly turns to white. It can take on many different forms depending on the many factors that lead to frosting. It is similar to the occurrence of bleaching in fabrics. Over time Ultra Violet light causes the crystal structure of the wax to change slightly and eliminates the colour from fragrances.

What are "wet" spots?

These are actually "dry" spots. Soy wax is sensitive to temperature in many different ways. Environmental factors both during and after the creation of your candle can cause the wax to contract and expand. This can leave a small air pocket against the glass container, which looks like a wet spot. Once again this will not affect the burning quality of your candle.

Why does my candle have a "rough" top?

Rough tops can also be caused by a number of different issues. The most common are the temperature of the wax when poured, and the speed at which the candle cools back to a solid state. We use several different processes to prevent this, including very carefully controlling temperature, and pouring a thin topping layer to minimize the roughness. However, even with this very precise procedure there are other factors that we can not control. For instance some fragrances and essential oils are more prone to rough tops, and we have not yet found a solution that does not involve additives.

What is that "liquid" on top of my candle?

Sometimes you may notice liquid seeping out the top of your candle. The liquid that you see is actually fragrance oil and it is being brought to the surface of the candle through a couple of different processes. One major reason can be the addition of too much fragrance to the candle. Then with the addition of a little heat the wax can no longer hold the same amount of fragrance oil and the oil is forced out. However, once again some fragrances are inclined to have this happen even with small amounts. Do not fear though this is easily cleaned up with a cloth or piece of paper towel. Your candle will still smell great and burn without a problem.

This is also more common in Pure Soy candles.  Many companies add non-soy additives to their wax to reduce this effect.  We do not add non-soy products to our container candles.


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