Rosalinde Blake Luxury Candles: Meticulously blended! 
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Meet the Artisan - Rosalinde Blake

Those who know me well will likely tell you that I am extremely detailed, analytical, and a perfectionist.  These traits have always resulted in long working hours trying to get everything just right and to ensure that I was satisfied with the quality of the end product (work or play).

Over the course of my career my personality has enabled me to stay focused and conscientious of doing what's right not what's easy.  I have always enjoyed Albert Einstein's quotation:  "Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."  

I realized that I found balance and happiness through the sounds and smells of nature.   A walk in the forest after a rain storm.  Lavender fields in bloom in July in Naramatta, BC.  Fresh lemon in lemonade.  Each provided a different emotional feeling: relaxation, invigoration, and mindfulness to name a few. Scented candles enabled me to take these memories and emotional connections with me while travelling for work or simply relaxing at home.

I realized there was an opportunity to provide a luxury product, continue to strive to be of value, and give back to the larger community. 

It took a while to create meticulously blended fragrance using the finest essential oils to bring indulgent ambiance with a touch of luxury and sophistication.  However, when it was done right, I noticed that each time the scents enveloped the room, there was an automatic and magical reaction of bliss - I coined it automagical bliss.

My personality is my commitment to exponential quality and value.®

I hope you come to love the scents as much as I do and that they provide you with indulgent and instant ambiance thereby creating your own special memories.


Kindest Regards,

Rosalinde Blake


“Be brave to make bold decisions to do what is right in helping others.”









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