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Charities We Support

BC Children's Hospital Foundation

In 2011, I had the incredible opportunity to go to South Africa on a safari.  As one of the more developed countries in the African continent, I was still surprised at the poverty that is prevalent throughout the country.  As part of the journey it was important for me to visit Pomfret and understand the history first hand. While we were able to bring over 200 pounds of clothes, toys, and medical supplies and donate food when we were there, I knew it would only be a stop gap measure.

It was there that I realized that people can be happy with few material possessions.  I made a commitment that regardless of what job I had or business venture I created an underlying value was to give back to the larger social community.  We are proud to donate a portion of our proceeds to various organizations.

However, we also recognize that others may choose to support different charities.  Part of our business model is to work with organizations to help raise funds for the charities that have special meaning for them. 









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