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No. 019 Masculinity

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A soothing combination that opens with woody Artemisia and rosemary with a well balanced middle note of aromatic cardamom and fresh sparks of bergamot, lemon and greens. For the men in your life!

Poker Night ....

They were all waiting for Rob.  He had just had his first child and everyone was anxious to congratulate him.  When he finally strolled in, he had a hand full of cigars.  After a dozen slaps on the back, it was time to settle into play some cards. Before long the room was getting smoky.

“You’re going to get kicked out of here,” said Brad.

Larry hadn’t planned on the room getting smoky and had already cracked open all the windows.

“Just light a candle,” someone suggested. Larry remembered that his sister Tracy had given him a scented candle for Christmas…now if he could just remember where it was…

Finding it, he wondered how long the guys would tease him for having a scented candle labeled “Masculinity”. Oh well, it’s not like they’d never ribbed him before and it was bound to be better than the sour smell of Cuban cigar smoke. Lighting it, he set in the middle of the table…and waited for the mockery and guffaws. But, instead of the badgering he’d expected, his friends seemed to appreciate the clean woodsy aroma.

“Hey, is that rosemary I smell?” asked Pete.

“Nah, Artemisia with a hint of rosemary and cardamom.” Brian was reading the label.

They all laughed and agreed that it smelled much better than the tobacco smoke.

Our Masculinity Scent is available in your choice of:

  • Wax Melts to use in your wax Warmer (200+ hours of Fragrance)
  • 4 oz travel tin
  • 7 oz. travel tin
  • 7 oz. glass tumbler
  • Large 4 wick luxury candle in an 18 oz. glass square
  • Coming Soon! 12 oz Glass Tumbler

Order one or several containers in a preferred scent for a unique gift set they’ll treasure.

Candles in glass come in a designer labeled box for elegant gift giving. All our packaging is reusable and sustainable.

*See our Candle Burning Tips to get the maximum burning time from your candle.

You’ll love the quality of our hand-poured candles. We use only pure organic soy wax, premium oils and absolutely no additives. Add to that our sustainable packaging and our scented candles are the gift you can feel good about giving. 




Energizing Bergamot is enhanced with the warming, restorative and stimulating characteristic of Artemisia. Rosemary, which has long been a symbol of remembrance, has recently been proven to improve cognitive performance. Cardamom is very effective against nausea due to pregnancy and chemotherapy. It is a wonderful relaxant, helping with bronchial ailments and the common cold.


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Fresh Woodsy


We donate 10% of profits to the Pomfret Orphanage in South Africa. Contact us at charity@automagicalbliss.com for more information.

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