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No. 005 Green Tea and Ginger

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The fresh citrus starting notes of Green Tea, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Lemon and mixed berries come together with the warm spicy notes of Ginger, Clove, Jasmine, Rose and Herbal Tea with Honey to create a sweet and spicy fragrance, suited for any season.


Tea Party…

He turns his head just in time to see a bright yellow envelope sliding under the office door. From behind the door he hears the familiar sound of his daughter giggling. Clearing his throat, he reads the invitation loud enough for her to hear:

“You are invited to a tea party on the balcony. From: Mandy.”

On the balcony, Mandy greets him wearing a floppy hat, an oversized dress and a bright pink boa. He bends for a kiss, catching the smell of freshly peeled mandarin oranges and lemon zest…and a hint of his wife’s jasmine perfume.

“You sit there, Daddy. It’s the healthy tea… Mom said you like it with lemon and honey.”

He takes his tea cup from the saucer, sampling the sweet, spiced tea.

“Like it, daddy?”

“Mm-mm…it’s delicious, Mouse…and just what I needed!”


Our Premium Green Tea & Ginger candles come in your choice of:

  • Wax Melts to use in your wax Warmer (200+ hours of Fragrance)
  • 4 oz travel tin
  • 7 oz. travel tin
  • 7 oz. glass tumbler
  • Large 4 wick luxury candle in an 18 oz. glass square
  • 12 oz Glass Tumbler

Order one today! Top a set of bathroom towels with candle for a luxurious scented gift


Designer labeled box for elegant gift giving is included.

Made from pure organic soy wax and lacking all the harmful impurities found in commercial grade candles, our hand-poured artisan candles are sure to please. All our packaging is reusable and sustainable making our scented candles a lasting gift you can feel good about giving.


*See our Candle Burning Tips to get the maximum burning time from your candle.




The energizing effect of citrus fruits is warmed with Ginger, for a grounded heart-warming lift. Ginger is best known for helping with an upset stomach and nausea. Intensely sweet Jasmine acts as a mood and libido booster.

Fragrance Family

Fresh Floral


We donate 10% of profits to the Pomfret Orphanage in South Africa. Find out more about our donation program here: charity@automagicalbliss.com.


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