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No. 004 Gardenia

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At the heart, the floral creaminess of gardenia and tuberose mixed with softer notes of jasmine in a light, woody base of sandalwood.


Loving Traditions…

The bell at the front door of her floral shop announced his arrival.

“Hello Mr. Finch!” Sonya welcomed her favorite customer.

“Good morning, my dear. Have you got my Anna’s gardenia corsage ready?”

“Yes, it’s ready for you.” She slides open the glass door to the cooler, releasing the heady fragrance of gardenias, tuberose and jasmine.

“Ah, my dear, I’m sure that’s what heaven must smell like. Have I ever told you about how I met my Anna?”

Of course he had. Still, Sonya never tired of hearing it. She leaned attentively across the counter as William told their story. How they’d literally bumped into each other outside the library, books flying into a burgeoning gardenia bush… how despite disapproving parents and the war years, they’d managed a happy life together.

This evening Anna would wear her gardenia corsage as they celebrated 48 happy years together…


Premium Gardenia candles come in your choice of:

  • Wax Melts to use in your wax Warmer (200+ hours of Fragrance)
  • 4 oz travel tin
  • 7 oz. travel tin
  • 7 oz. glass tumbler
  • Large 4 wick luxury candle in an 18 oz. glass square
  • 12 oz Glass Tumbler

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Designer labeled box for elegant gift giving is included.

Made from pure organic soy wax and lacking all the harmful impurities found in commercial grade candles, our hand-poured artisan candles are sure to please. All our packaging is reusable and sustainable making our scented candles a lasting gift you can feel good about giving.


*See our Candle Burning Tips to get the maximum burning time from your candle.




Favorite wedding flowers, Gardenias are connected to love and peace. An uplifting aroma, it brings comfort, boosts self-confidence and helps to regulate blood pressure.

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We donate 10% of profits to the Pomfret Orphanage in South Africa. Contact us at charity@automagicalbliss.com for more information.

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