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No. 002 Lavender

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A True Lavender with notes of Thyme, Musk, Clary Sage, Bergamot and Mint.


A day at the spa

Their first couple’s spa day was almost over. A day of pampering with coconut milk foot baths, pedicures, body scrubs and massages. Feeling revitalized, they talk all the way home. They end the day as perfectly as it began, with fruity Port wine and Gouda cheese, romantic music playing. Slow dancing now, he breathes in the freshness of her hair.

“You smell just like the massage room at the spa… lavender, isn’t it?”


Our Lavender Collection comes in your choice of:

  • Wax Melts to use in your wax Warmer (200+ hours of Fragrance)
  • 4 oz travel tin
  • 7 oz. travel tin
  • 7 oz. glass tumbler
  • Large 4 wick luxury candle in an 18 oz. glass square
  • Coming Soon! 12 oz Glass Tumbler

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Designer labeled box for elegant gift giving is included. All our packaging is reusable and sustainable.

Enjoy the simplicity, elegance and quality of our hand-poured luxury candles. Made from pure essential  oils and non-GMO organic soy wax, our luxury scented candles come in reusable and earth-friendly packaging. Labels are biodegradable and remove easily so you reuse your tin or glass containers anywhere in your home.



Long ago people would fill pillows with lavender to promote sleep and chase away nightmares. During WWI they used lavender oil to disinfect hospital rooms. Lavender eases anxiety, soothes bodily aches and pains and protects against mosquito bites. When you have a cold or cough, the mild expectorant properties of lavender can help with breathing.

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We donate 10% of profits to the Pomfret Orphanage in South Africa. Contact us at charity@automagicalbliss.com for more information.

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