Rosalinde Blake Luxury Candles: Meticulously blended! 
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Glass Tumbler - 7 oz

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Meticulously blended fragrance using the finest essential oils bring indulgent ambiance with a touch of luxury and sophistication.
Surrender to automagical bliss..
Be.. (happy, joyful, relaxed, invigorated....)


7 oz Glass Tumbler

Burn time: Average of 35 hours


We use only pure soy wax. No other vegetable waxes or additives are added to our candles providing you with a simple, elegant, and quality luxury candle that fits well in almost any setting and décor.  We use sustainable packaging and our labels are made of fully compostable BioStone which are easily removed with hot water leaving you with a container that can be reused in your home.

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